Utopian Micro-home Village in Berlin

Renowned for his one-square-meter house, German architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel continued his tiny house experimentation by launching a utopian village on the grounds of Berlin’s Bauhaus Archive. With permission from the design museum to utilize temporarily their garden, residents can park, and live in, homes here no bigger than 10 square meters, as long as they provide a bed for “a person in need” (e.g. refugees, homeless).

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Square One Villages

From Gail, a long time reader: They are having a fundraiser for the final monies to complete the Village for “working poor” and have some folks who are matching funds for those donated. Would you be willing to post this, so that the folks who read NBB.com can see this great village movement as it … Read more

Urban Tiny House Dwelling in St. Louis

In this episode, we feature a very cool/unique tiny house in St. Louis, Missouri- one with a hidden bathtub in the floor! This tiny house is filled with unique features and is surprisingly livable for such a small space. Houses like this have good potential for mass production.

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Woman Builds Unique Tiny House for Affordable City Living

After finishing grad school, Sam Gambling decided that a tiny house would be a perfect fit for her lifestyle. She wanted to remain in Vancouver, BC to be near work, family and friends; but the cost of living in the city was incredibly high. She also wanted to be able to work a not-for-profit job without worrying if she’d have enough money for rent each month. Last but not least, tiny houses were a housing solution that fit well with her environmental sustainability values.

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