Woman Living in a Tiny House Loves the Small Space & Financial Freedom

Christine is a dental assistant who decided that she wanted to live in a tiny house for three reasons: because she likes small, cozy spaces, because she wanted to be comfortable financially, and because she wanted to have a smaller environmental footprint.

Her ex-husband George built her tiny house after she committed to the project by buying a $6000 CAD trailer. The tiny house is built with extended roof trusses which double as the home’s framing. The insulation is a combination of rigid foam insulation and spray foam insulation.


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  1. I keep finding interesting tiny house videos with clever innovations. One interesting detail here are the roof trusses that extend down through the walls. This makes the house stranger and lighter, and provides plenty of space for insulation. It may be possible to order one piece (continuous) wall/roof factory built steel trusses for tiny houses. I’ve seen them in catalogs of steel buildings.


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