Yogi Farm Roundhouses — 7 Comments

  1. I want to build a room with superadobe. It rains alot here during 3 months of thyear. I am in Ecuador, south America. In the coast. Will t e room be humid becasue of outside rfain? how do I impermeabilize the adobe walls? cement? another altrenative to cement? If there is humdity inside the room, or from the ground, will it stay inside becaujse of the adobe walls? Thank you very much for any help and insight on this subject. Thanks!

    • You’ll want to provide wide roof overhangs so rain doesn’t hit the walls. You can use lime or cement plaster. Add plastic sheeting under the floor and use gravel in lower earthbags to prevent wicking of moisture up in the wall. Add plenty of windows so you have good ventilation.

  2. The house design in this blog great. What is the material used for the roof pattern? The concept of creating the house round is a great idea especially if its a village area as lot of wind and sunlight will reach the inetriours of the house.

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