Earthbag/Scoria Bag Building Online Workshop

I woke up the other day with a new idea for online training to help people build their own small sustainable homes. If five or more couples/households sign up for this training program then I could guide them through the building process for a reasonable fee over the Internet using email and Skype.

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Chris’s Scoria Dome in Crestone

Chris’s reciprocally framed scoria bag dome in Crestone
Chris’s reciprocally framed scoria bag dome in Crestone

“This is Chris who’s building the 24′ reciprocally framed scoria bag dome in Crestone. It has a 12′ gothic arch out the front southside; a vaulted airlock entrance; a 100 square foot cool pantry; and loft. I have a few months into this, 90% solo.

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Yogi Farm Roundhouses

“We are a tribal, egalitarian community focused on living in harmony with the Earth, practicing yoga and meditation, sharing a raw vegan lifestyle, and creating a permaculture farm with lush and abundant food forests in a warm tropical environment. We are in the process of acquiring a piece of land in the Puna District of … Read more

Earthbag Scoria Casita

Here’s another great project. This small domicile demonstrates how scoria homes are faster and easier to build than bags filled with soil, and more insulating. This doesn’t mean standard soil-filled earthbags are obsolete. There are pros and cons to each system, however, I strongly encourage using scoria bags (or pumice or other suitable lightweight fill … Read more

How to Build the Strongest Buildings That Can Last Centuries

Dustin: I live in Florida where few domestic buildings last more than 50 years because of hurricanes. I explored the Monolithic Dome for quite some time. They have stood the test of direct hits by very powerful hurricanes that leveled the entire neighborhood; except the dome. The dome is the only sensible structure here. No … Read more