YouTube Earthbag Channel

I’ve just started a YouTube channel about earthbag building in hopes of seeing this building method spread more quickly, and to help improve the standard of construction. It’s easier for many people to learn by watching rather than just reading about it, and it’s a fun way to pass some time. Hope you enjoy it.

The main feature at this point is a 48-part video series called Step-By-Step Earthbag Building. Each segment focuses on one main idea, and is short and to the point – mostly 10-30 seconds long. Text has been added below the video as a learning aid and to make it easy to translate into other languages.

3 thoughts on “YouTube Earthbag Channel”

  1. We’re just in the middle of our own construction and I won’t have time to check this out this morning but am looking forward to some great viewing this evening! You’ve been such a valuable resource for us already!

  2. Excellent idea, and well carried out! This will make it much easier to convince people that it’s actually doable (including a few in my own family…) I’m looking forward to future installments.

    • Thanks. The site has been popular so far, Already two dozen or so people have subscribed. Please leave helpful comments if you have a chance.

      More videos are in the works. Enjoy.


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