10’ Container for Mechanical Systems — 13 Comments

  1. Juergen

    It is metal. just paint it with aluminum colored paint. That will reflect most of the suns heat. Put in a fan if you want. You don’t live in it. it just contains things. I appreciate electrical systems don’t like heat but have a higher heat tolerance if not electronic or computer systems.

  2. Ron

    The container is only 10X10. Not that big and not that heavy. You want something that will hold up to abuse and be secure. It is what containers are built to do. You don’t want expensive systems in something you can get into with a can opener or fall apart easily. You want it built like a safe.

  3. From one of our readers:
    “This could apply to any house. Imagine a plug and play where you plug in your systems to another house. It would make capital expenses must easier justified to know it is not sinking money into a residence you know you will not keep for a long time. Retrofitting can get expensive quick. Imagine renting a house but supplying your own mechanicals would be much cheaper. For the property owner his maintenance and capital costs would go down immensely. Systems is where it can be expensive. Rent a shell not a house. I could see something in this area this becoming a trend in the future. I am good at spotting future trends before they become common. It is just second nature to me.”

    Owen: Brilliant. I agree. You can build a shell quite inexpensively with earthbags, adobe, pole building, straw bales, etc. The big money is in the mechanicals (also somewhat the roof, kitchen and bath). Buy the best mechanical system you can afford and take it with you whenever you move. I see this as a niche market with good potential. Think of all the people with cabins, vacation homes, first time buyers like young families, etc. that don’t want to put a lot of money into sunk mechanical costs. And like the reader above said, future maintenance/upgrades of the system would be far easier than ripping out walls, ductwork, etc. Plus, you’d face far fewer issues with code officials. That alone could save you thousands.

  4. Electrical systems don’t like heat. And inside a container it can get very, very hot if exposed to the sun. Therefore, you would need a “sun roof”, installed approx. 4-8 inch above the container to provide shadow.
    Something like this:
    or this:
    or this:×387.jpg

  5. Don’t need a trailer. You CAN purchase 10′ ISBUs, that look just like their big brothers – the 40′ boxes I’m always making Owen crazy with. Then… simply use the twistlocks (located at each corner) as mounting points for either casters (think heavy machinery) or even a small wheeled trolley. We do it all the time.

  6. Not a bad idea but the container is heavy and a pain to move.I think it could be downsized and put on a small utility trailer.But i guess it depends on your needs and situation. I once thought of having a small building like this at two or more locations to move where i liked the weather.
    A portable home like a yurt or dome could fit inside also.If you look around people already sell things like this,some are military based or for emergencys.Hospital field units.Theyre all kinda pricey.

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