Building Garden Soil — Throw the Sink at It — 2 Comments

  1. Literally throw the sink at it and use greywater in deep mulch pits to help keep moisture levels up for certain things and build great soil really fast. I’m of the school of thought that anything that rots is good for the soil.

    Humanure (with sawdust) can also help store moisture and nutrition for the soil. Once it’s composted, it can hold a lot of moisture and it’s rich in soil food.

    You are right about the moisture levels. We try and create pockets of moist areas below the surface to help with the dry season. Down below the surface, we can keep it wet for a long time. Woody organic materials are great for this, they hold a lot of water and food in the soil for long periods of time, ready for all the soil creatures, and plants to, to use it when they need.

    Close to the surface where it dries out, soil building slows to almost nothing. When it rains, it comes alive, but keeping the surface moist is difficult in our climate. You have to have moisture for fast soil building.

    Adding anything is better than nothing, but I have never gotten to the point where I’ve added too much. I’d love to have more great soil than I can use. :)

    Great list!

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