The 2017 Tiny House Summit

I have been invited to participate in the 2017 Tiny House Summit as one of their Keynote speakers. This event will be online for five days and is completely free to the public. It will happen from February 20th through February 24th. There will be many presentations about tiny houses and the world of tiny living.

If you click on the image on the right you can sign up to participate.

Topics will include:

  • affordability and financial freedom
  • financing
  • zoning and regulation
  • insurance
  • building your own or buying from a builder
  • family living
  • environmental and healthy materials
  • energy and waste
  • solar power
  • design decisions
  • communities and renting
  • sustainability
  • minimalism
  • permaculture
  • intentional living


I will use my many decades of experience in designing, building and advocating for various forms of tiny homes to explore a multitude of ways to do this.  I have lived in several buses and other converted vehicles as well as many compact houses. I will especially focus on the ecological aspects of choosing to live in compact housing and how to achieve this. Green choices can go hand in hand with economic and social benefit to make tiny homes the most attractive way to go. There is good reason why there is such a groundswell of interest in tiny homes, and I will talk about this.

2 thoughts on “The 2017 Tiny House Summit”

    • Go back through my blog posts and you’ll find some very low cost tiny and small houses. Sure, if you pay retail or order a custom design then they’re expensive. The cost is relatively high because tiny houses have most all of the same important features of any modern home. But some people are building tiny houses and small houses for a few thousand dollars by using recycled materials and doing most of the labor themselves.


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