33’ (10m) Roundhouse with Open-air 2nd Story — 4 Comments

    • This open-air style is getting quite a bit of positive feedback, maybe because you get a lot (double floor space) for not too much extra time and money. I’d consider building one for me with the lower roof to protect the earthbag walls.

  1. I really should leave a comment. This is as close to my perfect (thai)home as it gets.

    But I have some questions.
    A roof with 10m diameter, how heavy would it be. Is it going to require heavy machinery(large crane) or extra strength in the lower wall?

    Would the roof be lighter if it was build as a geodesic half dome in bamboo+thatch ( ). Maybe some other material at the top where the runoff angle might be to low.

    How do one connect the poles to the roof and to the lower wall to make it stable?(ok, the roof part might be just nails/bolts/brackets)

    Two thumbs up for this design. (I would use more thumbs if I had)

    Oh and a great picture my girlfriend found:

    • Glad you like it. No problem with the roof weight. Earthbag walls can support about 10x more than wood framed walls. This roof is lightweight — just poles and thatch. Build the roof one pole at a time same as my earthbag roundhouse.

      Connect the roof poles to the beam with hurricane ties. The beam is bolted to the posts. The posts are attached to lower walls with post anchors. In other words, everything is very standard.

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