9 Hobbit Homes Worthy of Middle-earth

A DIY Earthbag Dome featured by the National Association of REALTORS
A DIY Earthbag Dome featured by the National Association of REALTORS

“We’re not sure if J.R.R. Tolkien inspired all 9 of these abodes, but we do believe they’re all Middle-earth worthy. From sod-covered cottages to a snazzy woodland pad, all these fanciful spaces would make a hobbit feel at home. FYI, Bilbo Baggins will return to the silver screen in, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” on Dec. 14.

Earthbag domes like this one make great garden sheds, studios, chicken coops, and houses. They’re made using polypropylene rice bags or feed bags filled with soil and then stacked like masonry. The small dome shown here is for storage and costs only $300 to make. You can check out this unique building technique on Instructables.com.”

Source: House Logic.com
National Association of REALTORS

Note: The bamboo behind the dome is now over 3 stories tall. It’s starting to feel like a forest back there. And the grass on the dome is so thick and tall that almost no weeds can grow.

My dome made it into The Best of Instructables. Copies are now available.

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  1. uhhh, I have to take Carolyn’s side.
    Maybe Owen can go to ‘another page’ of his nine, and c-n-paste that URL to us in another reply?
    Not clear whether it’s an embedded slide-show, or a sequence of pages to view?

      • It’s still not working, and I don’t see a Replay button. Could you at least post a link to the start page in your reply? I would love to see the rest of the hobbit homes…

          • Maybe it’s your own computer. Have you tried clicking the link from anyone else’s computer while not logged into anything? Here’s the link;

            I’ve tried this page from Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and they all look the same. I suppose I do see the ‘start’ page (Your ‘hobbit’ home), but nothing beyond that–no “next” button, no slideshow, etc. I’ve had no issues with any other website, and I’m not the first to post this problem on this particular page, so I’m having a hard time believing it’s my own computer.

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