A Large, Low-energy Root Cellar — 8 Comments

  1. There are a number of documented quonsets straight up buried/sheltered. Wish I could afford one, instead I just get to torch a bin down the middle, roll it onto a trailer, and flip it on it’s side. The joy of being impoverishedly creative.

  2. Owen is correct that concrete cloth is very expensive.

    The far more economical version is to use ferrocement to accomplish the same thing. It’s drastically cheaper, but it will take longer to build.

    Yet another proof of the time proven axiom.

    Good, Fast, Cheap — Pick two and only two of those options.

  3. Couldn’t they get the same effect a lot cheaper with chicken wire or almost any other kind of mesh and light concrete?

    • Yes, that would be ferrocement. Apparently they figured the extra expense of the cement cloth was a better choice than doing ferrocement.

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