6 thoughts on “A Memorial Website for Owen Geiger”

  1. You both have colored all our inspirations learnings appreciation! those who love and work however we can with the earth !!
    Building our bag domes houses and maybe new ideas of living on and with our earth! Yes! that Owen will continue to coach us ! Even Yes ! leaves us with sadness to miss his physicality ! His treasures are with us, All that he has given us all and probably will continue to goad us on!
    Thank you Kelly share more background of his life living
    Stay with us
    Thank you. Jehane

  2. I’m glad there’s a memorial site for him – if anyone deserves to be memorialized for their achievements, it’s him. I still hope to build a modified version of his castle/fort plan someday. :-) It may be just a dream, but without his plans, I wouldn’t even have that dream.
    Rest in peace.

  3. I had not known his condition had gotten that bad since the last e-mail I had received. I know he was all about freedom of choice and how, where, and in what we all chose to live in. He inspired my community in Arizona to consider zoning and policy to allow superadobe building from OWEN’s plans, site and suggestions. It has revolutionized many people here who live in what has been called the poorest county in the USA. He will definitely live on!! Before I had heard he was even ill, I had just joined a group headed to Thailand and was so excited to meet OWEN one day there as it was his building projects and school for all his natural material ideas that were being taught there! I will still get there someday and do something there in his memory! My children have sure taken a liking to his site and I hope this stays up for so many more who need the teachings he offered in all things natural! Blessings OWEN and OWEN family on your journeys!

  4. This is really sad news, I just saw this post, as I didn’t know it had gotten to that point. Sending many prayers and blessings out to Owen on his continuing mission. Aho and blessings for a life well lived, dedicated to service, shining a positive light and contribution to the whole. I hope his work continues.
    Much condolence to his family and loved ones.

  5. This has ALWAYS been my “Go To” website for everything Natural…This photo is so sweet. A happier time. I just lost my brother a few months ago to MS. Owen in all phases of physicality, from healthy to frail remind me of my brother and how fleeting life is. Make the most of it! We ALL live on beyond Memory. I am sure Owen is looking down, or possibly across from us, no longer suffering, but strong and in the light of love.


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