Owen Geiger was a Man of Many Accomplishments — 12 Comments

  1. I had some of his youtube videos it was amazing he would highlight every detail nothing hidden and very simple may many more of his kind are born you shall live forever with all of us

  2. Very sad news. Such a generous soul with a mind of information that helped so many. What a huge loss for anyone that knew him and knew of his tremendous talents.

  3. Terrible news. Really shocking. Owen was incredibly generous with his knowledge and a great inspiration to so many people. He patiently answered my questions on gravel foundations back in 2012, and I never forgot his generosity in reviewing one of my books. I learned about his death last week but find my thoughts still wandering back. Wish I had met dear Owen in real life.

  4. Just learned about Earthbag houses and came to this site for information. Soo sorry about your loss, his contribution to society is amazing! Rest In Power.

  5. Thank you for this tribute. Owen was an example of the huge impact that one person can have by living simply and openly, and approaching the world with generosity, love, and optimism. He was so incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. I appreciate your work as well, Kelly. I feel so grateful for people like Owen and you in our world.

  6. I have followed your sites for many years and as a civil architect i owe much to your brilliant minds, in terms of everything i have learnt to enable me to build a natural house, as opposed to a concrete masonry house, of which i have built many… This is the paradign that will prevail and both of you did much to conceive, test, build, and define it… At the end it constitutes our version of what our ancestors did. I have also seen Owens permaculture work at Tamera in Iberia. It is simply beautiful and it works. Nature is happy and healthy!

    The result of this combined effort on your part will outlast any human beings earthly life span. Congrats. RIP OG

  7. What a lovely summary of a life well lived. I knew none of that background, only that he was an accessible and enthusiastic figure in the natural homebuilding room. I had so many questions for him here that he answered with patience and sound advice. Thank you both for developing such a strong sense of community here on this board.

    And I absolutely love to think that Owen will still provide his guidance from beyond-after a good rest, of course.

  8. I have followed this website for many years and have learned many things about earth bag construction.
    Owen’s legacy is one to be admired.
    There are people who are remembered for all the good they did; Owen is one of those people…

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