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  1. I have Owen’s Earthbuilding manual, and his legacy will live on through that and his many posts around the web for future generations to find.


  2. I only knew Owen through his posts but his humanity and kindness shone through. The world has lost a good man. RIP Owen. My condolences to his family and friends.

    • I am devasted to hear the news of Dr. Geiger’s passing! He emailed just a few months ago giving me advice on how to build our first earthbag home in Belize. He was such a talented and wise resource. He will be sorely missed in the world of alternative and affordable housing. Rest in peace wise one.

  3. Don’t mourn friends. Celebrate the wonderful ideas and inspiration Owen gifted to all of us. He will be watching over my shoulder when I build my natural home soon – Fan in Virginia.

  4. I admired his generosity, kindness and drive to help the global community.

    Sorry Kelly, I know he was a dear friend of yours.

    Rest In Peace Owen.

  5. Thank you to share with all of us so touched by Owen’s life and work.
    Both of you so inspirational for all of us who create simple living with care for our planet and those who live here all may our lights totally overcome those who live and work in destructions.
    May Owen’s legacy stays with us
    Thank you too
    Would be wonderfull to know more of Owen.s Life, what impelled him to do what he did. How to gather these stories ? Yours? Thank you.

  6. I’m so sorry for the lost. I didnt know him but I see he did lots of great work an inspired many. I silently follow this blog and get inspired often. Today I feel the need of sending a lovely word to you. Thank you, Owen and you all for sharing such positive energies. He may not be here in body, but will remain present in his work and the hearts of those who love him. Best wishes for family and friends. Cheers from South America

  7. Sorry to hear of Owen’s departure. His work inspired me to take interest in Natural building solutions..He has left a legacy
    Barry Kungu

  8. I learned so much from this man. He was an inspiration to many and my life is the better for him. His home is not of this world and is far more amazing and glorious that any of us could design. He is dearly missed.

  9. This was a message I was hoping would not come, but the day is finally here. Such a tragic loss, and a huge blow to the sustainable housing community. At least he passed away in a country he had come to love, near his Thai family. So sorry to hear of his passing all the same.

    Hopefully some of the funds for the GoFundMe will help offset any outstanding hospital bills and burial costs? I’m not sure about any repatriation desires (not sure if he was from the US, Canada, or elsewhere), but the appropriate embassy in Thailand may be able to support with that.

    Rest in peace, gentle friend.

    • I believe that the donated funds should cover the expenses incurred. Owen was born in the US, but he adopted Thailand as his home, and I’m sure he would want his remains to rest there.

  10. My condolences to the loved ones of Owen. I learned a lot from him over the past few years. In 2016 I purchased one of his Zero Energy home plans and have had half the house built in Ghana from the plan. Owen was always easily accessible for questions.

  11. Thank you Owen for all the inspirational videos you posted and for generously sharing all your knowledge with the world. You have made a huge difference.

  12. I’m speechless; :(

    My most sincere and deepest condolences to all immediate family members and friends. Rest in peace my admired compadre yet we know our Father in Heaven greets you with eternal Love and rest…

    Thank you for the updates Kelly GB3

  13. Your knowledge and experience in the natural building world will be missed. You have been a great visionary and voice in a world that often has a hard time accepting that there are different ways to approach the affordable housing problem. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  14. Thank you, Kelly, and also Owen’s Thai family, for caring for Owen and for keeping us informed. It comforts me that he had people by his side at the end. Owen leaves quite a legacy. Not the same as having him in our world, but we can remember him by his work and introduce him to our friends. Thanks again, Kelly. I hope you have peace.

  15. Kelly

    I wish to thank you and your wife for keeping us informed of
    Owen’s situation. It was very helpful and a very nice thing to do.

    One thing most people don’t know about Owen is his knowledge of global conspiracy theory. He and I used to share conspiracy theories all the time. He was up to a high level of current play on things. I will miss our conversations very much.

    Do you know if flowers be sent or did he wish something done in his name?

    Cliff Thompson
    New Zealand

    • I don’t know of any wishes or flower possibilities, but if I find out about these I will post information on the blog.

  16. A very great man to world society has silently departed us. He never asked a thing for himself but gave everything he had to people all over the globe. You will be missed and may your memory of what you gave to others never be forgotten.

    May you be in a better place now and I hope some of the things you started continue on my friend:(

    New Zealand

  17. I never met Owen and still cried just now when I read the news. He was a generous soul and is at peace and smiling down on us from Heaven..

  18. I never had the pleasure to have met Mr. Geiger in person, but he was always available with great answers to my many questions over the years. Thank you Sir, I know you will be missed. RIP

  19. I am so sorry for Owen’s family and for everyone whose lives he touched. His contribution to the Earthbag building movement was huge, and his legacy will be long-lasting.

  20. Very sad. He is a great man that has left a legacy and has taught many. May god bless him and his work continue and people wake up and realize there is a better way of life.

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