A New Article and Booklet about How to Build with Earthbags

It is very gratifying to  witness how our website is helping to spread the word about the viability of earthbags  as a significant construction method worldwide. In just one day I was alerted to the publishing of two new media available via the internet: one is a 6-page article, titled How Earthbag Homes Work, published by www.HowStuffWorks.com. This is a general article that covers some of the history, the reasons for using earthbags, the materials that are used, the basics of how to do construction, and presents some of the challenges of the method. Much of the information and many illustrations were derived from our website.

The other new media is published in PDF form and available as a free download: Earthbags, published by the Madhavi Kapur Foundation in India, is a 33 page booklet about how to build with earthbags, based on material gleaned from a variety of internet sources, including our site. The author says, “The booklet is an effort to offer an alternative to neo-conventional construction practices and provide sustainable techniques, which could be accessible to all.”

The booklet is entirely hand-written and illustrated with hand-drawn sketches, making it a little hard to read, but the information is solid, and the illustrations are fun.

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  1. thanks for the documention by eng.madhavi and many thanks for our leader eng. nader khalili the founder of earthbag technique . and his soul is still living with us .


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