A Portable Wood-Burning Stove for the Tiny House Generation

“British company Anevay’s portable wood-burning Frontier Stove was first conceived and built for humanitarian aid use in disaster zones around the world. But the stove appealed to camping enthusiasts, and the company began retailing the compact, durable, lightweight stove suitable for heating and cooking.

Now Anevay is raising funds on Kickstarter to build what it calls a “next-generation portable woodburning stove” that can be used outdoors or—thanks to a long flue that vents flames outside and can be installed through the roof, a side wall, or a tent vent—in tents, sheds, tipis, yurts, and tiny houses.”

More at the source: Slate.com
Thanks to Gail for this tip.

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  1. From Gail: These two stoves are made by the same company, so what a great way to showcase their affordable stoves for tiny places.

    AND that they originally started this for humanitarian aid.


    The Traveller stove in today’s video is so cool that it has the cooktop and two side warmers which slide up out of the way.


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