A Roving Monk Builds with Earthbags Around the World

mongolia15There is a roving monk (with the unpronounceable name of Krpasundarananda) who travels the globe helping people build earthbag domes.  He is a Meditation teacher with Ananda Marga and has been a Monk since 1991.

Ananda Marga is a world-wide organization with spiritual and social activity centers on all continents. The mission runs schools, medical units, children’s homes, rural development projects and meditation and yoga centers, and is a leading global agency for social development and progress with a particular emphasis in the third world. They have over 1500 teachers worldwide.

Though his main job is to teach meditation and help people to realize their spiritual goals, in many cases people don’t have the minimum necessities of life, so social service has become part of his mission.  As his background is engineering and he always had an interest in construction and alternative energy, he got involved with alternative building through an article someone forwarded him about Nader Khalili, and he subsequently was trained at CalEarth in their methods of earthbag works.


Our Monk has made some of his experiences, both in building and in living in all of these diverse cultures, available to the public through a series of personal “Newsletters” that he published online. I have gone through his Newsletters and assembled project pages that feature seven of his most significant earthbag works. You can follow these links to explore each project:

Ananda Nagar, India
Durban, South Africa
New Zealand
Morelia, Mexico

2 thoughts on “A Roving Monk Builds with Earthbags Around the World”

  1. Namaskar, Dadaji.
    You don’t know me. I’m a Dutch ex Acarya(’76-’79) and have been working with Maheshvaranandaji in the Venezuelan Prout Inst. for the past yrs. Very interesting what you are doing. In HIM, Yogeshvara.


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