Aardskip Earthbag Earthship Update

Aardskip earthbag earthship
Aardskip earthbag earthship

“Earthship development in South Africa. Main goal is to create an information centre of eco- and autarkical houses also for the less fortunate.”

I look forward to hearing more details. Check out their blog for more info.
Source: Aardskip – Earthship

Earthbag Earthship Timelapse Video
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Note: the blog post called Earthbag Earthship in Belgium got lost in the transfer of our site. Hopefully we can recover the information.

4 thoughts on “Aardskip Earthbag Earthship Update”

  1. Thanks for updates on our project in South Africa.

    We are currently busy with the front glass wall. This north-facing wall (Southern-hemisphere) is one of the important aspects of an earthship. This earthship (if I’m allowed to called it that) is designed to get zero direct sun in the summer and maximum sun in the winter. For more info please contact me. Check our website at http://www.aardskip.com and click on BLOG to see our progress.

    Regards from the team
    Ludwig, Retha, Franky and Danie

  2. The growing list of earthbag earthships indicates increased awareness that earthbags are faster and less labor intensive than ramming tires with earth. Try it and see for yourself.


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