Earthbag Earthship Costa Rica — 14 Comments

  1. Gostava de construir uma casa destas em Gerês-Portugal, como posso obter informações?
    I would like to build a house like this in Gerês-Portugal, how can I get information?

  2. Hello I’m wondering if the earthbag homes are legile here in Costa Rica to build I’m very interested in building one and so is my family please let me know ASAP

    • Always talk to your local building officials to learn about local codes. Take photos and books to show what you’re planning. Understand the basics before talking to them so you can explain the building system. Use words like rammed earth so building officials understand better. Give them a list of the top websites such as Earthbag

  3. We were amazed to see our pictures and buildings published on your page.The SPICE text was written by Lee Ann Osbun and the build done by our local crew. We are actif builders for others. Maybe worth mentioning? Anyway we are now focused on aquiring land and stewardship tittles to create the possibility to realise those communities around us in Costa Rica and CA.We have now over 220 hectares in different pristine locations ready for that. As I’m on promo-tour in Europe pls use for info.

  4. I’ve had this same idea lately except the design I was thinking of is a half-circle of earthbags with a glass front. The earthbag wall could be bermed and facing away from the winter sun. Obviously the glass wall, made of used sliding-glass doors, would be facing towards the winter sun for passive solar gain. Cheers, Morgan.

    • So you would use vertical walls? How would you do the roof? I ask because this is a common question. Domes are really great looking and have many benefits, but they’re a little difficult to waterproof in rainy climates. There’s also the issue of mold. I live in a rainy climate similar to Costa Rica and everything that’s not protected with a roof turns black with mold.

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