Another Earthbag School in Nepal Nears Completion — 7 Comments

  1. Dear friends
    namaste from saathii swanaam, kathmandu nepal.
    i am chairperson of a social orgnisation called marxian gurukul a ngo where we learn and teach dialectics.we also practice yoga and/or meditation.
    we are planning to build a few buildings office ,halls , dormitories on our land in kathmandu valley with natural building materials as far as possible. will you kindly suggest us where we get the required knowledge.
    with regards

    • Our websites provide almost everything you need for free. This blog and the links on the right hand side of the page will connect you to all of our resources. We have free step by step directions, free videos of every step, etc. Just keep searching our sites. Also I sell an ebook and DVD that summarizes everything and will save you time surfing websites.

      Then I suggest talking to one of the groups who have already built in Nepal. There are at least 4 projects so far in Nepal. For starters, I would contact the architect of this project:

  2. I appreciate construction method. of Ar. Magar utilized Fast construction and low-cost building technique, Earthbaag technology,

    Tauseef A Meer

  3. Attitude of Gratitude for your “Planet Warrior” way of lives. You are the the difference, that makes the difference.
    Continued blessings and success,
    John P Iniguez
    Oceanside, California

    • This one caught me completely by surprise. Never heard anything about it until it popped up in google last night. It’s very encouraging and heart warming to see earthbag spreading to those who really need it. This community now has a school that it otherwise could not have afforded. And now locals may start building houses this way.

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