Area in Wisconsin with Few or No Codes — 8 Comments

  1. Adams county has a ton of codes and what doesn’t have codes is in farmland preservation. Adams county is beautiful but it’s not what you’re looking for in this case.

  2. Please fact check! Adams county has extremely strict building codes in addition to the rigid DNR waterfront setback codes. I live in Adams Cty and have been fighting zoning and building issues for 5years!

  3. Ive got 5acres of AG land in Washburn county ,Wisconsin. I’m looking into sandbag in ground home. Weve got a camper already. Has anyone done this around that area? I know university if Wisconsin did cob homes and they’re showing people how to. Really need to know if anyone build around Haywood.

  4. anyone has an idea if you need a permit to build a tiny house on a trailer in Adams county WI?
    its only for camping NOT a permanent living.
    Let me know please. thanks

    • In general, building codes do not apply to mobile structures on a trailer. Just follow standard recommendations for height and width to meet highway regulations.

    • Has anyone here read the details and care to report? Often the building department is mostly concerned about septic systems, electrical and, of course, collecting their fees. Sometimes codes are loosely worded. Sometimes codes are not strictly enforced, etc. Some people skirt the codes by getting a tiny cabin approved and then later adding on to it. Some people get a little motor home hooked up to the grid and a sceptic tank and then later build ‘outbuildings’ (wink, wink) with natural materials.

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