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  1. Hi, I’m interested in using the hyperadope method for earthbag building and retaining walls in NSW. Just wondering if anyone knows of new suppliers in Australia that have the HDPE tube style Raschel bags. I have emailed a bunch of international sellers but the cost for shipping is high and minimum order quantity is too big. In Australia I cant seem to find any local suppliers that stock the hyperadope style tubing. Would be excellent if someone could point me in the right direction

  2. Hi guys.
    On a separate note,has anyone built raised ponds or aquaponic grow beds using earth bags and liners? Can’t think of why they wouldn’t work but i mighy have missed the obvious
    Cheers all

  3. Hi to yiu all im from Melbourne and i am intrested in building a earth home just wondering if anyone has done one around here so i can see it and ask some questions

  4. Hi Chantille, Alecia, and Ian.

    I am looking into building an Earthbag house in SE QLD and am interested to know if you completed any buildings and how they went?

    As it does not need council approval, in a few months I will be trying out the small storehouse that Dr Owen made an instructable for at

    I will let you know how that goes over the next 12 months ;)

  5. Just an update on Popes Packaging.
    I bought some woven polypropylene bags from their Auburn (Sydney) office.

    They now have 760mm x 455mm bags which you can buy at 22c a bag in batches of 100. The minimum order $100.00.

    I bought 500 for $110.

  6. thankyou Owen, for your email.
    Silly me, my husband knows about you being a designer, but we were unsure if you were able to design an earthbag house that would comply to Australian (QLD) standards. It can get VERY wet & hot here, but we have an elevated block and we also have been purchasing materials over the years, as well as having our own timber mill. We have some ideas based on the weather, the materials we have already got, and also how the sun and breeze affects the block and also bushfire resistance. Perhaps we can talk?
    Thankyou Again,
    Alecia & Jason

    • It would be up to you to point out special conditions in your area and to make sure earthbag building meets local codes.

      Click on the About Us link at the top of the page for my email address.

    • Hi Alecia,

      we too are building in SE Queensland.

      Our property is located in Kin Kin.

      Perhaps we can share some ideas?

      I attended a workshop in Thailand with Phanganearthworks.

      My email is ianccc444 AT

      • Hi Ian, I live in Dalby in Queensland and am considering an earthbag home. Just wondering if you have started/finished building and how you went? Also, do you know what kind of building codes are expected to build this kind of a structure in queensland? looking forward to a simpler life.

  7. We got our earthbags from Bundy Bag Co, in Bundaberg, QLD, we paid $325 i think for 500 bags and they are gusseted for a cleaner edge. that amount included about $35- for freight to our place in south east qld. we dont know anone to help us design though :) still looking!

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