Forest Fire Destroys Homes near Earthbag Home

Forest Fire Destroys Homes near Earthbag Home
Forest Fire Destroys Homes near Earthbag Home

Today’s post is from Eco Friendly Shelters. You know, it’s one thing to talk about the excellent fire resistance of earthbag structures in the abstract, but I’m sure living through a forest fire would be much different — possibly life changing. As bad as these experiences are, they get people thinking really hard about what choices they have.

“When a forest fire in the vicinity of our project burnt more than 30 log and stick-built homes and cabins, owners quickly realized that insurance companies either paid 50 cents on a dollar or didn’t cover the fire due to “Natural disaster clause.”

The point is – only a few of them actually did rebuild their homes due to high expense of such construction types (most of them had to finance it – DEBT). Local communities helped the victims with as much as they could, but it was not enough.

Now we are receiving calls from folks who are interested in our prototype as they saw it driving by. They were SHOCKED to learn that the cost of materials was less than $5,000 for this 1,200 sq. feet shelter.

We made sure that ALL the products for our shelter are made in America and we are PROUD to support local communities and businesses.”

Eco Friendly Shelters

9 thoughts on “Forest Fire Destroys Homes near Earthbag Home”

  1. Dear mr./mrs.,

    I’m doing my graduate work these days. I have to find something about how houses made of earth are behaving in fire. I know that earth doesn’t burn, and I could only find some test results standard DIN 4102.
    It would be great help if you can send me just some examples where house of earth was in fire, and what happend. Or some other tests.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hear your answer.


    Mirko Miljatovic

  2. Here’s a message from Eco Friendly Shelters, who has been having website connectivity problems lately.

    Hello Owen!

    We have had some strange site behavior lately (too many SQL injection hack attacks). Some days we have seen 20+ targeted attacks. It’s very sad that such activities take place.

    Our support asked us to provide information that might help to resolve these “site unavailable” issues.

    “As it seems the reported issue is caused by temporary connectivity issue.

    If possible please ask the affected web visitors to open:

    and report the result.”

    If someone is willing to let us know which IP address was not able to view the site – it will help us out quite a bit.

    Thank You in advance for your help.

    • The link itself isn’t bad. Their website may be having issues, or it could be network issue with some ISPs. I’m getting errors as well.

      Probably just something we’ll have the be patient with until it pops back up for those effected.

    • Ya, the link doesn’t work for me either.
      I can actually ping the website. I did a trace route, and nothing has any loss. So it’s got to be their server or them working on the website or some business like that.
      Unless where Dr. Geiger is coming from is using a completely different route than most of us, such as Thailand. Then it could be one of those servers that, even though I can see it in a trace route, it could be leaving websites blank.
      Probably doesn’t help much, except to know we’ll just have to wait to find out, ha.


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