Bamboo Building and Agroforestry Workshops – Ecuador — 7 Comments

  1. Hello I’d be very interested in this course . I’m a Chilean living in NZ and working as a doctor. I think working with Pachamama is so important to our healing. Could you email me more info? Thanks

  2. Dear Maya
    My name is Sang Ek , I am Ecuatorian American living in Sangolqui , Pichincha Ecuador, I am looking for help to build two cabins in Cañaveral, Pedernales,provincia Manabi, I like to have those cabins build with bambú and wood as possible, I am right now in United States , will go back to Ecuador in December , if you have any informations regarding this matter please email to me at this address: sangster2088 AT Thanks, Sang

    • Unfortunately the Bahia Beach Construction website is not active, but if you google “Bahia Beach Construction” there are several other ways to connect about this, including Facebook.

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