Ben Law’s Woodland Home

This new video shows Ben’s addition for the children, his new workshop and, in the closing image, the finished interior of his woodland home. Stunning!

Ben Law’s woodland home constructed with local materials and straw bale walls.
Ben Law’s woodland home constructed with local materials and straw bale walls.

“Ben Law lives and works at Prickly Nut Woods in West Sussex, UK, where apart from making a living from coppicing he trains apprentices and runs courses on sustainable woodland management, eco-building and permaculture design. He runs a specialist eco-building company The Roundwood Timber Framing Company Limited. This specializes in the supply of roundwood construction timber and a building and project management service.

Ben Law is the author of The Woodland Way and The Woodland House, which charts the building of his unique cruck framed home in the woods. The building of his house was filmed for Channel 4’s Grand Designs program and was voted the most popular Grand Design ever by viewers. He has also written The Woodland Year, a month by month journey through the woodland, a celebration of every aspect of sustainable woodland management, including crafts, seasonal recipes and the rhythm of work throughout the year. Ben’s latest book is Roundwood Timber Framing, a full colour guide to his building techniques which he has also described in a comprehensive training DVD by the same name. He runs occasional open days and courses in response to popular demand.”

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The Roundwood Timber Framing Company
Image source: Grand Designs

4 thoughts on “Ben Law’s Woodland Home”

  1. *Jaw drops* This definitely hits my top 5, too. Absolutely gorgeous. I think my wife just put a lot of expectations on me after seeing this one, haha.
    Thanks for sharing this one. It’s beautiful. :D

  2. This home is one of my all time favorites. Inside and out, it’s truly inspiring… a great example of natural building.

    Tip: Don’t throw bales around as shown in the video or they’ll get deformed and make it harder to create straight, flat walls.

    Also note the error in the video title. It’s straw not hay.


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