Bonita Dome Project

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
After considering a couple of different layouts, we have decided on a triple dome configuration (868 sq. ft.) for our floorplan. At this time we are continuing our Volunteer Community Building program. From now until December 17, 2011 is the last BIG PUSH for building with our hired crew. If you would like to participate, email contact is We’re building as weather permits so, we could be bagging, plastering or painting. ****Everyday is a BONITA surprise****

As our Volunteer Community Building program continues we are also creatively seeking funding that would support and feed an expanded labor force. 2-7 day hands-on classes and workshop and retreats are now forming slated to begin February 2012. Cost: $25-$300 Includes work day community meal, tent or dome camping, hot shower, kitchen facilities, wifi and living within a structured community model. Learn and get hands on experience.

Depending on the scope of the project one or more of the following aspects will be presented per class/workshop/retreat.
*natural finishes
*earthen floors
*form building
*owner-builder how to’s
*community building

Website address Bonita Dome Project
In the meantime, if you want to try some really good eats and experience a profound sense of community and learn about Earthbag Building……you know how to find us!!!

To stay posted on our progress visit our fanpage on facebook

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