Sustainable Farm Plan Ideas

Sustainable Farm Concept Plan
Sustainable Farm Concept Plan

A root cellar like this can last over 100 years and could be made with earthbags.
A root cellar like this can last over 100 years and could be made with earthbags.

Many readers want to build their earthbag home where they can grow their own food, raise some kids and animals, and have fresh air and clean water. Having a little place in the country is perfect for this lifestyle.

Living like this takes a lot of effort and know-how. That’s why it’s helpful to have good resources available such as the Modern Sustainability Blog to guide the process. They have lots of great info on hoop houses, gardening, root cellars and other related sustainable living topics.

I was particular impressed with their sustainable home and farm concept plans, as this is something I’ve wrangled with for quite a while. How do you optimally fit everything into limited space? They show two sizes — ¼ acre (see drawing above) and a 2-10 acre sustainable farm. A few features of the ¼ acre plan include: adequate sunlight for a large garden from the east and south, trees on the north and west to block wind and cold, deciduous trees on the south that drop their leaves in winter for improved solar gain in the house, rootcellar near the house on the cool north side, roofwater collection near the house and garden, sunroom for plant propagation, solar design, hoop house, compost pile, workshop and garage, and pond on low end of property. As they point out, you’d have to modify the plan to fit the site, but still it’s an excellent concept plan with lots of good ideas.

Source: Modern Sustainability Blog

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  1. As more and more families seek out “places of refuge” from the current economic and political conditions, information like this is invaluable.

    The MORE self-responsibility you take on, the LESS reliance you have on systems that are subject to change, based on the direction the wind is blowing.

    Owen, thanks for sharing this.

    We CAN change lives. YOU do it daily.

    When I grow up, I wanna be you! :)



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