Box Beams — 5 Comments

  1. Glad to see this and the “Arched And Coved Ceilings” in the 9404 blog. My Hobbit house will have both. I’m a little apprehensive about the woodwork but, I guess you have to get the first right and the rest will fall into place. I sure hope so. Doc, do you have any advice in this area? A book or something?

  2. Also a way to hide upstairs bathroom fixtures that don’t quite fit. I installed a shower stall in an upstairs bathroom in my last house. Using used/recycled as much as I could and the trap I had stuck a little too far down. Boxed it in with pine and painted the same color as the wall. I tell people that that detail was always in the plans. : )

  3. I’ve always loved box beams in older homes. They can be incorporated into so many different architectural styles and have such a cozy yet regal feel and look.

    • Most ceilings are really boring. With a little time and effort you can create a special look. This can include nonstructural wood poles with the top part cut off so they sit flat against the ceiling. This is another type of faux beam.

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