Crushed Glass in Plaster

Glass colored beads can be added to plaster to create dazzling color and shine.
Glass colored beads can be added to plaster to create dazzling color and shine.

Here’s a great way to add color in your home. Add some crushed recycled glass in the final coat of plaster to make your house sparkle. The text below is from a Chinese supplier (edited for clarity).

Color: clear, dark blue, light blue, aqua blue, light green, dark green, black, white, golden yellow, yellow, purple, red, orange, pink, jade, and so on. (color can be adjusted as required)
Size: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 6-9mm, 9-12mm, 12-20mm, 20-50mm (size can be made as required)

Popularly used for terrazzo and exposed concrete coating, swimming pool industry, fireplaces, flooring decoration, countertops, terrazzo glass, floors/pavers and natural building. Will enhance the appearance of outside and inside walls. It will be dazzling and resplendent when the sunlight or lamplight is shining on it.

Color glass bead has the following advantages:
1) Beautiful: varied kinds of pattern, novel color, you can choose one or many kinds of colors.
2) Protecting environment: Non poisonous, No smell, No pollution, No cuts, Safe, Recycled.
3) Permanent: Non fading, Non aging, No maintenance, Clean, Bright, Luxurious and Beautiful.
4) Fireproofing, harder finish to resist rain and wear.


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  1. My Dad’s barbershop which dates back into the 1800s had colored glass embedded in the plaster!Before it was Dad’s barber shop, it had been a hotel. I wonder if those walls were common for that time era? I have never seen this done since. I found this article and am ever so grateful that I have. It really WAS amazing! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Great way to bring beauty into the function of a home or building. A colourful way to accent windows, doors or niches. We are using half glass marbles which embed nicely into stucco.

    • Good point, you don’t have to cover the whole wall with crushed glass. Use it as an accent. Same way with marbles and colored pebbles. I saw an amazing swimming pool with intricate pebble designs.


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