Rainy Hill Retreat in Melbourne

‘Rainy Hill Retreat’ is a four-bedroom mud brick bungalow surrounded by bird life and landscaped gardens near Melbourne, Australia. Natural light pours into the open living, kitchen and dining areas thanks to the 7m-high ceilings and glass foyer entry. Whitewashed mud bricks and timber posts are consistent finishes throughout the home as well as the … Read more

Hand Crafted Roundhouse for Family of Five

This hand crafted round-house is packed full of wonderful design features. It is surrounded by abundant permaculture food forest gardens and all of this has been accomplished on just a quarter acre section. Tim and Carmen have built this round house to maximize the function of the home while minimizing its impact on the surrounding … Read more

Forestiere Underground Gardens in California

During the California heat wave of 1906, Baldassare Forestiere dug a home underground with just a pickax and shovel. He spent 40 years excavating 10 acres of rooms, tunnels, a chapel, an underground aquarium, and courtyards to experiment with underground farming. With no budget, he mixed mortar from the dirt he dug out, creating his … Read more

4 Basic Structural Systems for Building with Bamboo

This article shines a light on four commonly employed structural systems in bamboo construction: The support system of a post and beam structure is composed of three key elements: vertical posts, horizontal beams, and cross-bracing. The latter helps to triangulate the structure, enhancing its stability against lateral loads such as winds and seismic forces. Usually, … Read more