Chaki Wasi in Ecuador Embodies the Spirit of Place

Along a volcanic crater in Ecuador, the town of Shalalá is committed to living in symbiosis with the environment, which extends to its architectural endeavors. A new project for the town, known as the Chaki Wasi handicrafts center, has been designed to exemplify the spirit of the place and its cultural heritage. Chaki Wasi, meaning … Read more

Renovating an 18th Century Stone Barn

Africa Lao had spent her career designing homes from an office in Barcelona, so when she moved to the country to get closer to nature, she was inspired to transform a crumbling 18th century stone barn into a small, minimal dream home. Located in the middle of protected forest, the location was an urban refugee’s … Read more

Dan Price’s Underground Home

When Dan Price returned to his home state of Oregon in 1990 he was determined to avoid mortgages or rent (he and his family had just finished care taking a mansion with a heating bill of $500/month). He found an unused meadow in Joseph, Oregon, and began renting it from his neighbors for $100/year (in … Read more

Iconic Shanghai Tea House is Restored

This thatch-roofed tea house supported on bamboo pillars was built in 1986. The 510-square-meter (5490 sf) structure with its high arched roof was inspired by traditional rural residences in the Yangtze River Delta. After undergoing a major, two-year restoration project, it has now reopened to the public. It was designed by Feng Jizhong (1915-2009), who … Read more