Building an Earthbag Dome — 1 Comment

  1. From Jerry:
    I’m interested in building a small dome home in Maine, and I have a question about water penetration. My understanding is that like straw, earthbag buildings need to breathe, which the plaster coating allows. My concern is that since a dome isn’t usually protected by a roof, the plaster will allow water to enter the earthbags, and maybe enter the house, yet a barrier between the outside lime plaster and the bags would promote mold, wouldn’t it? What would your suggestion be for this problem?

    From Owen:
    As you’re probably aware, domes evolved in desert regions and are not particularly well suited to rainy climates. Plaster performs best when protected from direct rain and snow. So yes, your structure will likely have moisture problems. Water could leak in through small cracks. I’d be concerned about weak sports developing and causing structural problems.

    I suggest adding a roof something like this Kentucky Dome home:

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