Building an Earthship-Inspired Learning Center in Luxembourg

Construction of Luxembourg’s first off-grid learning center made from recycled materials has experienced some delays, partly because of the pandemic, but is back on track now.

International volunteers and experts built the first supporting walls of the Aërdschëff using tires pounded with earth during the summer of 2019. It is inspired by the earthship off-grid housing movement founded by architect Mike Reynolds. The project has progressed with workers employed on short-term contracts, whose salaries are funded by different public funding bodies. Some of the team managed to secure partial unemployment support in order to keep going. After several years in the planning, confronting constant bureaucratic and practical challenges, the team was used to finding creative solutions.

Now they are making up for lost time, recruiting volunteers to help with constructing a drystone wall, a root cellar, installing the windows and insulation. They will be on-site every week from Monday to Friday into September.

Volunteers do not need to have specialist skills but experience with wood and timber working and physical strength are an advantage. To find out more or volunteer, email aerdscheff AT

Photos are by Jess Bauldry. You can read the original article at

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  1. Very interesting. I believe the earthship concept will be more and more integrated with earthbags. Always relevant information from you guys. Thank you.


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