Building Living Neighborhoods – Mexicali — 3 Comments

  1. I wonder if someone could use a different lathing material (PVC pipe, bamboo, etc), and then remove it after the concrete cap is finished?

    Without realizing it, we built a similar roof on part of our house like this. Instead of lathing, I cut strips of 1/2″ plywood, and instead of burlap, we used sheet metal. After the sheet metal, we put 8″ of styrofoam insulation, then poured a 2-3″ cap of ferrocement on top to give a vaulted roof and ceiling.

    I could see using a plaster, like gypsum or acrylic cement on the burlap, and then being able to remove the lathing.

  2. Those are beautiful houses, and the concept of testing it out in a community makes it even more worthwhile as it proves alternative methods of construction viable.

    This project was ‘under the sponsorship of the Governor of Baja California’ – that’s a politician worth his salt – I’d reward him with higher office if he makes these kind of wise decisions regularly, even if they don’t concern alternative building.

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