Common Pitch Design Indaba

Dr. Johnny Anderton is the $20,000 first place winner in the Common Pitch Design Indaba competition for social impact projects. Dr. Anderton said he will put the money toward gaining building code approval! Congratulations!

“EarthBagBuild is a construction system combining ancient building techniques with 21st century technology: a locally developed and patented high strength polypropylene ‘EarthBag’ filled with earth and stacked. The homes and buildings created are attractive, inexpensive, structurally sound, durable, energy-efficient, acoustically efficient, rot and corrosion proof, fire resistant, non-toxic and bulletproof! The polypropylene bag, made from an industrial by-product, is re-usable and recyclable. Once the structure is built, it can be finished with stucco. The EarthBagBuild concept encourages the establishment of community home-building projects where groups learn to build their own houses, thereafter training others in aspects of the system, thus creating a viral growth of jobs, micro-businesses and self financed or government grant assisted homes. “See one, do one, teach one.”

Source: Lead SA

3 thoughts on “Common Pitch Design Indaba”

  1. Inspiring to see a project that is not just building a home, but building using the community resources. So good to see this get the recognition it deserves! Well done, Johnny and Clare, for believing in something and bringing it to realization.

  2. The most worthy winner.

    Johnny’s been pitching earthbag building for years and finally he is been recognised for his efforts

    I really hope things start to snowball from here

    This is the answer to the millions of homeless in Africa and elsewhere

    Congrats Johnny


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