Building with Jumbo Straw Bales

The Holiday Apartments
The Holiday Apartments

“The Holiday Apartments Straw House – farm Holiday
The strawbale house was constructed with jumbo strawbales allowing superb insulation and a healthy, very comfortable atmosphere. The appartements have been arranged with all natural materials such as wooden furniture, terracotta-flooring and clay walls. The room atmosphere is magnificent, and is enhanced by large windows, light colours and decoration. The appartements are ideal for families, friends or a couple wanting to spread out. An little fireplace makes evenings in the mountainous surrounding cosy and warm.

Special features
Our strawbale house is a beautiful prerequisite for perfect relaxation: luminous and spacious as they are, and paired with perfect room climate due to all natural materials the appartements enable complete wellbeing.”

Video of construction process
Direct link to video
Thanks to Cliff for another great tip.

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