Fobisia Environmental Conference 2017

International students learning earthbag building in Nepal
International students learning earthbag building in Nepal

Kateryna Zemskova of Good Earth sent me this news update about earthbag training in Nepal.

“Last week we kicked off Fobisia Environmental Conference 2017 rganized by British School and trained 75 kids from the Seoul Foreign School, Regents International School (Thailand), Sri KDU International School (Malaysia) and the British School (Kathmandu) who came to Nepal for the conference. Kids absolutely loved it.”

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  1. They’re building a practice corner to learn the basic steps of construction. I encourage everyone who’s considering building this way to try building one practice corner.

    The main takeway of this story for me is that international schools know about earthbag building and want their students to be knowledgeable about this earthquake resistant building method. While the masses around the world are still largely unaware of earthbag, the word is spreading among educators, policy makers, builders, etc. So that’s a good start.


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