Casa Verde

Casa Verde in Romania
Casa Verde in Romania

This site is in Romanian and so I’ll keep this entry brief. The home is so beautiful that few words are needed.

“This website was made in the hope that it will generate interest in architecture, friendly, and also milder environment and a healthy lifestyle, close to nature and with respect for the environment. Ecological experiment is located on the right side of the exit of the Nera, vis-a-vis Sasca Romanian village. The purpose of this site is to inspire you to get involved in this kind of architecture.”

Casa Verde interior
Casa Verde interior

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  1. Geiger since I’m mostly in Belgium, I would love to go and see and meet them! would you give me their addresses, email phone whatever so I can go. this spring will be playing in the Mojave Desert, near Las VEgas, Tecopa Ca, building small dome, mostly ‘poof’ earth, challenging, adding some cement, would like to use the mesh roll. ideas for where in States? thank you!!! jehane
    check out the beginnings of mine there, blogger
    mon monde-my world, earth bag building


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