Backyard Farmers by Necessity: Self-sufficient & Debt-free

“When Myrna and Earl Fincher married 53 years ago they started farming their yard “out of necessity”. Today, the Finchers make a living selling their organic produce to restaurants and at the local farmers’ market twice a week for much of the year. They had no experience as farmers, but learned by trial and error.”

Another great vid by Fair Companies

3 thoughts on “Backyard Farmers by Necessity: Self-sufficient & Debt-free”

  1. I ran this story on my blog last week, too. It’s QUITE inspiring;

    You CAN be sustainable, accountable and responsible. You just have to WANT to. “The Pursuit of Progress” has cost us so much as a society. The lessons that can be learned from people like this are priceless. Combine their work with Aquaponics and close the circle…

  2. Every community should grow most of it’s own food, it’s so sensible.

    Every person who can should have a garden or contribute to a community garden, that’s part of the solution :)

    I have already posted this but you can see a movie that teaches you how to garden with mulch, “Back to Eden” for free (at least for now) here :

    • That’s right. That’s why I’m occasionally posting about gardening and permaculture. Same with an occasional blog post about renewable energy.

      We did a previous post about the Back to Eden video. Excellent info.


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