Green Desert Eco-farm Llama Barn

A group near Canon City, Colorado is building an earthbag llama barn. Here’s the comment that they posted the other day. “Thanks Owen for posting the article. Our build went really well, just as easy as you make it seem with all the blogs and websites and instructables. The one thing that consistently amazed me … Read more

Rasin Foundation Medical Clinic

Construction has begun on a new clinic with environmentally friendly low cost earthbag construction at rural Petite-Riviere, Leogane, Haiti.  The new clinic will have four exam rooms (including a dental suite), a treatment/surgical room, nurses station, waiting room, storage and bathroom.  Completion will hopefully be in early 2011. The current makeshift clinic (seen as the metal … Read more

A Community Center in Peru

Pisco Sin Fronteras in Pisco, Peru has been working with earthbags for some time and their last project,  just completed, is a community center. They have detailed how they went about building this at their website and we have assembled this information on a project page about it at You can also see a … Read more

Building an Earthbag Composting Toilet

Paul Coleman’s and Konomi Kikuchi’s blog covers their building projects in Patagonia. Their earthbag house is coming along nicely. They recently built an interesting composting toilet with earthbags. Best view ever. You can read the article here.

Earthbag Eco-village in Beijing

Dr. Sunny Cai, an architect and Associate Professor at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing sent me news of his most recent earthbag work. It’s interesting to note his Ph.D. is in Historic Chinese Earth Architecture. “To be a designer and professor in university for architectural class teaching, I always advocate low carbon … Read more

Proposal Design for Arts Village at Abetenim, Ghana

This architecture competition entry is from the Nka Foundation website. The design is by architects Gediminas Ratavicius and Raimundus Zidonis, and students Margarita Pantelejeva and Brigita from Lithuania. “According to one of the most appealing goals of Open ARchiTecture Challege, we have made an attempt to integrate art to architecture so that new built structures … Read more