Get the Basics Right

Make sure you get the basics right so your earthbag home is safe, sound and durable. As obvious as this seems, the most fundamental earthbag building principles sometimes get lost in the forest of information. That was one reason for writing the Earthbag Building Guide – to focus on the most important steps and demonstrate … Read more

Earthbag Earthship in Belgium

Earthbag Earthship “is about building a new way of living based on taking back control, sharing and helping each other making it become reality for all involved.” They’re using expanded clay granules made by Argex for insulation. Lower courses are filled with Argex granules, and the gradules are between double walls of alternating burlap sandbags. … Read more

Small Earth

Small Earth provides supportive and sustainable environments for communities around the world through the creative use of elemental materials and the application of Permaculture inspired thinking. From conception to delivery our projects leave a legacy of landmark buildings beautifully integrated into sustainable and productive landscaped spaces. Julian Faulkner is the co-founder and CEO of Small … Read more

A Green Resource Center in Uganda

This is a 15 minute film on earth-bag construction at ‘Green Resource Center’ in Karamoja, Northern Uganda, as a part of IOM’s Karamoja Food Security and Community Stabilization Programme. As I watched this very informative and entertaining video, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I realized how wonderfully empowering earthbag construction can be, and … Read more

Farmageddon Video

For many of us, earthbag building is part of a larger lifestyle that includes healthy, clean living. I believe growing your own fresh food that’s free of chemicals, GMO and unhealthy processing is everyone’s right. At first glance it may seem this subject is too far off topic for this blog. However, the recent crackdown … Read more

Mindfulness Project Insulated Solar Vaults

This blog post is a continuation of Insulated Earthbag Vaults and Insulated Earthbag Vaults for Rainy Climates. The Mindfulness Project in Thailand envisions using this design as a part of each housing cluster in their sustainable community. The vaults will likely include photovoltaics, a mechanical room for batteries and electronics, a small shop area with … Read more