Choosing an Ecological Lifestyle in India

Mahesh Krishnan could easily live a luxurious life, but instead, he chose to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. He constructed a mud house on the outskirts of Bengaluru, all within 125 days and using just Rs 18,500 ($235 US).

After quitting his job in the hospitality sector he started learning basic life skills like natural farming and natural building attending workshops and watching several YouTube videos. He learnt how to build a house using natural materials like mud, dung, stones, husks, palm leaves, etc.

The 300 square feet house has been constructed entirely by Krishnan. He used local materials to make the house with adobe, wattle & daub walls. Now the house is frequented by several visitors who are curious to build similar homes.

Krishnan isn’t the only one who has given up the luxurious life for a mud home.  A Bengaluru couple – Vani Kannan and her husband Balaji – moved to India in 2018 after living in England for the past 28 years. And, that’s when they decided to build an eco-friendly house.

In 2020, when they began house hunting in Bengaluru, the skyrocketing prices of apartments shocked them. “This is when we came across a Bengaluru firm Mahijaa that has been building sustainable homes for over a decade and reached out to them for our home too,” says Vani.

The couple says they found the ideal start — a 2,400 sq ft property and an architect who was willing to sync sustainability with their idea of a dream home.

Now, the couple stands proud of the mud home they have created.

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