Concealed Underfloor Cool Pantry — 9 Comments

  1. what confuses me about the this style of pantry is that there is no air exchange at all, from all what i read about cellars it always seems that some air intake / outlet seemed utterly imporant to make sure you dont catch any mold.
    Do i understand this right thats those have none ventilation whatsoever?

  2. I’ve yet to have seen a spring house, that’s pretty neat. It is just mind boggling, the way we’ve cooled and stored food for centuries, yet we have the notion that we should consume massive amounts of energy to do the simplest of things.
    We can heat our homes and cook our food with the sun. We can cool and store our food by digging a hole, or re-routing water, and using the shade. We can build our homes without cutting down so many trees.
    I love, love, love these sort of ideas. More importantly, I’m excited to implement them.

    • Exactly, that’s what energizes me so much. And all the information is now free on the Internet. It just takes time to sift through things to decide what’s best for your situation. And not only can we readily achieve independence from outside sources, we can do it ourselves at modest cost.

  3. There is an earthbag builders group on facebook that me and a couple of other guys were just talking the other day about ways to improve on a root cellar idea.
    We thought up several ideas on how to put a chest freezer inside, use water pipes for cooling the cool cellar even more, then use the run-off water as a way to humidify the root cellar. That’s the idea I’d like to implement, unless I just use my crawlspace for a cool pantry. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, yet.
    I’m hoping to start building it this fall, if not, early spring.
    I’ll be keeping you updated on that, for sure.

    • Thanks. Glad it’s helpful. I haven’t seen anything like it. Every time I publish my ideas I wonder how many people will put the information to use. I’m also publishing the information here to get input from others. Maybe there’s a way to improve on the basic idea.

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