Confined Earthbag — 2 Comments

  1. Hi there I was noticing above on the ‘confined earthbag’ technique it says, “A very important feature of confined masonry is that columns are cast-in-place after the masonry wall construction has been completed.” This is to say that you leave gaps for the columns between the earthbag walls and then pour the columns so it all bonds together?? Is this ideal or absolutely necessary? My thoughts were to build a superstructure so to speak of concrete columns and beams and set the roof so that I have time out of the sun to work with the earthbag wall system. This of course is just for my first try on the storage/garage and also because we are in a very active earthquake zone. Thanks in advance!!

    • You can build the superstructure first if you figure out a way to connect the earthbags to the concrete posts. It must be a very strong connection in seismic zones or the bags might pop out in an earthquake.

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