Decorative Ferrocement — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve been experimenting with glass sand (left over used sand from a local sand blasting firm) and mixing it together with hydrated lime putty plaster to plaster drywall, sets really hard, am really impressed so far. Sure does sparkle in the sunlight! Also seems to be working well in an experiment outside in our wet climate here in New Zealand. I think paper pulp added to the mix will even make a more creamy mix and allow the plaster to set slower.
    Amazing and very informative topics you post Owen, keep it up! I check this blog out everyday!

  2. 1st pic is crazy cool!! Secon and third pics are beautiful! I haven’t posted in a while but keep up with you every day. Hope you new year is going well and very productive!

    • Great, glad to hear you like the site. It’s a lot of fun for me too. I just finished two new blog posts on fun topics: crushed glass in plaster and curved room corners. This blog is sort of like a scrap book of my favorite photos and ideas that I get to share with the world.

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