Desert Submarine — 4 Comments

  1. I’m building an Earthbag under a already build 30×60 foot roof. Any suggestions. It will be on 60 acres in the Terlingua Ranch, Study Butte Tx. I am not sure how to connect or tamp the top bags.

    • You can build lightweight walls with scoria (lava rock). Scoria requires very little tamping. You could build the wall under the roof just fine. Plus, there’s about 1/10th the labor because scoria is light like popcorn. Contact landscape suppliers for 1/2″ cleaned lava rock. Buy it by the dump truck load and it’s not too expensive.

  2. I found a place to buy bags in my search for affordable bags. This guy is in Seattle and IF you tell him what you are doing he will give you a Great price on burlap bags. His name is David and he runs I got 2000 bags for $800.oo.

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