Do-it-yourself Pole-barn Building — 7 Comments

  1. I was thinking of the same idea, simple post and beam supporting a roof structure and then using earth bags; however I’m not sure about completing the roof first, as it would make standing on the earth bag wall filling and tamping impossible once you get close to the roof. Would be nice to work under cover, though. Thanks so much for your web page and all the great info you share–love it!

    • This same point comes up over and over. The lower course of roofing (the area directly above the earthbag walls) could be held in place temporarily with a few screws. Briefly remove the roofing (one or two pieces at a time) as needed and replace as soon as possible. Finish the top of the earthbag wall like steps instead of doing one whole course at a time. Have tarps ready just in case it rains.

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