Domehouse by Elevated Earth Technologies

Domehouse by Elevated Earth Technologies
Domehouse by Elevated Earth Technologies

Today’s post features an earthbag dome by Elevated Earth Technologies. The text below is from their website.

In nature there are few linear and right-angled shapes and none that are being applied in the design of wild animal habitats. On the other hand, humans have based the design of their living and working habitats almost exclusively in linear right angle shapes. Think about it. How many linear or right angled parts are in a car or airplane, that gives us the ability to travel effectively on and over the earth? For that matter, how many are there in your body, or the body of any animals that inhabit this round planet?

So, why do we live in these large, thin walled boxes made of combustible material? If I could answer this question, I could also probably tell you why we stare into boxes an average of 4.5 hours a day. Living in this manner is not only expensive, inefficient and wasteful; it is also dangerous (you’re playing the odds)! Each year there are over 388,500 home fires that result in over 3,145 deaths, 13,650 injuries, and $6 billion in property damage (N.F.P.A. 2003). There would be no need for fire insurance if your home can’t burn!

The good news is that nature has provided a clear and wonderful example of efficient living in the “African White Burrowing Ant” that inhabits the arid African desert plains. To survive, it must provide a mild and consistent below-ground climate with a movement of moisture rich air for its simbiote “microtones fungus”. This species of fungus (mushroom) digests cellulose and becomes the food source for the ant. The movement of air upward from cool to warm (convection) is not feasible below the earth’s surface.

And from their Home page: Our design and construction team has developed a beautiful synchronism in these areas. We encourage attached atrium style greenhouses that enhance livability through filtration and oxygenation and humidification of your air while providing many agricultural benefits and some added leg room and storage area.

You can read more at Elevated Earth Technologies.

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