E-Z Hogan Framing Anchors — 7 Comments

  1. I want to build a straw bale Hogan that will be 30 foot in diameter. I need your anchors for the roof part, can you help

  2. Hey Owen!
    Thank You for your awesome websites. I am considering building a round 20 foot diameter earthbag structure following your methods and topping it with the ez hogan roof-preferably without the post and beam…I was wondering if you could give me advice on the best way to get this roof on?

  3. I see a lot of possibilities for this P&B system. Would the bond beam on an earthbag structure be supportive enough to support this roof structure? I am talking about lateral forces pushing out on the walls ( roof with no center support)? Would this roof be better suited for an infill structure? Just how big could an octagonal earthbag infill structure be built without using buttresses (length of each segment of octagon)?

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