Earth Sheltered, Solar Powered & Heated Home

The following text and video is from Daniel Geery’s article at OpEdNews. I can really relate to what this guy is saying about sustainable housing. Most of the technology was well known decades ago, as you can see in his video below. His house shows just how simple living off grid can be.

“My family and I lived off the grid in an earth-sheltered, solar powered underground house, for 15 years, starting in the early ’80s, proving, at least to myself, the feasibility of solar power.

Doing this should be even easier now, given the developments in the building field, from insulation to heat pumps and more efficient lighting.

I wrote a book on earth-sheltered solar greenhouses that has many good ideas, but should be condensed from 400 down to 50 pages, with new info from living off the grid. It’s on my “to do” list.

Had the whole country moved in this direction for real, we would be detached from Mideast oil by now, and for sure, not need nukes.

We eventually did get a small Honda generator, which we used mainly in the very low light months of January and February. Congrats to Honda, they know how to build things. Very efficient, and just one pull to start the sucker. I support them over Briggs and Stratton or Black and Decker any day.

The earth is like a thermal battery, and much of the valuable work done on earth temps was done when we were building bomb shelters. I dug a lot of that info up and put in the aforementioned book, that I intend to cut down from 400 pages to about 50 and have available soon.”

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