Earthbag Biogas Plant

This fascinating article was sent to me from Jeff Bousquet. Please send us any good articles you come across so we can share with others. Text below is from the Earthbag Bio Latrine website.

Earthbag Biogas Plant
Earthbag Biogas Plant

What is Earth Bag Bio Latrine MINALI Model?

This is the new toilet system which works as a biogas plant, which has been designed and based on Earth Bag Shelter. It consists of Digester, Slurry pool (Outlet), and Inlet. Any fermentable organic matters are mixed with water in the inlet tank and introduced from the Inlet pipe. They are destroyed by bacteria under anaerobic conditions in the Digester. Inflammable methane gas is produced at this stage. The gas pushes the fermented mix out to the Slurry pool and it can be used as good fertilizer. Biogas plants are built all over the world. The special feature of EBBLMM is its structure of digester and slurry pool built of earthbags.

Earthbag shelter: This unique and ecological architecture was invented to provide the affordable and safe houses for the refugees and homeless people. It involves stacking bags filled with earth and making domes. It is not only inexpensive, but durable to vertical load and earthquakes.

Our horses are not only good company but also the energy suppliers for the EBBLMM system. Their manure is almost odorless and easy to treat. You can be a good energy supplier too!

The advantages of EBBLMM:
1. Cost and energy of building and transporting materials is quite low as the main structures are earthbags which fillings can be local earth and only a little cement.
2. Earthbag structures can be durable to the inner pressure of methane gas in a digester, weight of landfill and earthquakes.
3. Improving local hygiene and people get more conscious of their sanitary conditions. This system collects excretory substances in one place and destroys germs.
4. People can save fossil fuel and forest resources, as people can use methane gas to cook and for any kind of gas apparatus.
5. Fermented slurry improves the soil conditions of fields.

Image credit: Onjuku organic

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  1. Really would love to have the blueprints of this design, as I am very interested in building a biogas digester for my earthbag home.

    If anyone could please help me with the building plans, and I will post updates and feedback of how the build is going, on my side.


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