Earthbag Building Blog 4th Year Anniversary

This week is the 4th anniversary of Earthbag Building Blog. The growth in readership and content has been amazing. Web traffic on our blog has tripled in the last year! There are now 882 blog posts and over 4,300 comments. Thanks for your support. We’ve clearly hit a tipping point. There’s enough variety of content that all sorts of people are finding our earthbag websites through links on other sites and from search engines. For instance, a new reader may not be looking for earthbag houses, but they might find our sites by searching for information on pallet furniture, pit greenhouses, rootcellars or other related topics. Sites like Facebook, Stumble Upon, Reddit and a number of forums help drive traffic. Our previous growth prior to December 2010 resembled the flight path of an airplane taking off. But something happened in January, because that’s when the airplane would have ‘hit the side of the mountain’ so to speak (on the chart). That’s when traffic suddenly doubled, and it’s continued to increase since then.

Also, I’d like to remind readers to keep those project submissions rolling in. We love hearing about your earthbag projects and hope you will continue sharing information with others. Be sure to document your project with lots of high resolution photos. Take notes so you’ll have a record of expenses, how long it took, how many worker hours, new techniques, things you would do different next time, etc.

So… here are the most popular blog posts from the last year:
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Here are the most popular posts from our 3rd Anniversary.

5 thoughts on “Earthbag Building Blog 4th Year Anniversary”

  1. Congrats on the site’s 4th anniversary! I think now would be a good time to finally pipe up and say how much I enjoy reading your posts here. I’m in college, so I’ve been preparing my options for later on down the road, and after reading a ton of posts here, I think you’ve convinced me that Earthbags are definitely something worth considering.

    I’ll be sure to document it for ya if I ever take the plunge!

  2. Owen,

    Congrats on all the fine work you’ve been doing! Think of all the families that now have a safe home, because YOU decided to pitch in and change a part of their lives.


    So, do I send fruit or flowers? :)

    Again, congratulations!!


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